Dancexpress parents have offered these kind words about our teachers and our dance program.

“Dance Express was my home for 15 years. There, I not only learned discipline and unmatched technique, but I also learned incredible life lessons. Cathy and her staff are dedicated to their students beyond measure, inside the studio and out. She gave me a gift I will continue to be grateful for for the rest of my life: my own voice. Dance Express encouraged me to find an aesthetic unique to me that is challenging but also rewarding in a way I never imagined possible. My time there has been invaluable as a student and teacher and I will always be indebted to Dance Express for everything it has given me!”

~ Samantha C. (Dancexpress alumn)

“Each week my daughter is excited to go to dance class and loves her teacher!!”

~ Lisette D. (Dancexpress parent)

“A fabulous, fun place to learn to dance and make many new friends! All three of my girls have spent many fun hours here at Dancexpress!”

~ Jen W. (Dancexpress parent)

“At Dancexpress, our girls have had lots of fun, felt proud about themselves recognizing their ability and having the opportunity to experience dance, its built their confidence, poise and self-esteem, its given them a foundation on which they can enjoy dance for their whole lives, they hold very special places in their hearts for their teachers and experiences at Dancexpress”

~ Abby P. (parent of 3 Dancexpress dancers)

“My daughter has really enjoyed growing her dance experience in such a fun and supportive environment!”

~ Dancexpress parent

“Dancexpress is a fabulous place for learning various types of dance. Both of my girls really love it.”

~ Dancexpress parent

“Dance Express offers a unique combination of disciplined instruction in a fun and personable environment. The staff at Dance Express are talented professionals who know your child and are invested in their progress both as dancers and as individuals. Our family has been involved with Dance Express for over fifteen years. Dance has become is an integral part of our daughters’ lives. They always look forward to classes and are motivated to excel, primarily because of the example the staff and the welcoming and nurturing environment they experience. The staff at Dance Express encouraged my daughters to be the best dancers they can be. Over years of instruction they have shown what it takes to master a discipline and the whole experience has done wonders for my daughters’ self esteem and self confidence. Dance Express is part of our family. It has been a wonderful and valuable part of our daughters’ development. They always felt valued and appreciated by the staff and have learned confidence and an appreciation of the art of dance because of their experience with Dance Express. And for the rest of their lives they will be able to break into dance to the amazement of all.”

~ Scott L. (parent of 2 Dancexpress dancers)

“The teachers are really good because they teach you very well and are patient also. The studio is big enough for everyone.”

~ Zoe (Dancexpress student)

“Dancexpress is a great place to come and express my emotions. Together with the amazing staff and fantastic utilities, Dancexpress is like a family.”

~ Hayden (Dancexpress student)

“My three year old could not stand still when she heard music; she would immediately break into her own creative dance. This love of dance combined with her endless supply of energy led us to Dancexpress. She was immediately welcomed and felt comfortable, she made friends, and she began to learn dance in a fun environment. Fast forward thirteen years and you will find her taking three classes a week and assistant teaching three classes also. My daughter has learned more than dance at Dancexpress too. She is able to stand up in front of people and make a presentation, receive criticisim, and has become a leader as an assistant teacher. Aside from the benefits of dance’s creative outlet it provides her with an excellent source of physical activity. The benefits of Dancexpress are varied and many. We have been extremely happy here and we view the Dancexpress staff as family.”

~ Michelle E. (parent of Dancexpress dancer)

“The Dancexpress teachers give constant encouragement to allow us to perform our best. The routines we learn are exciting!”

~ Yael (Dancexpress student)

“Dancexpress is a great place to develop dance skills and form friendships.”

~ Lauren (Dancexpress student)

“Because DanceXpress was founded on Cathy’s belief that everyone can benefit from dance, the learning environment at the studio is full of fun and enthusiasm. Whether the student’s goal is to simply dance for fun or someday go professional, Dancexpress is a fantastic place for each student to explore their potential.”

~ Avi Loren Fox

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